Jean Michel Stanislas Garczynski

 " An artist should not just copy the nature ! He should express the power and emotions of nature, his joy and sorrow ! Tell the stories behind the subjects! "

 Jean Michel Stanislas Garczynski




Jean Michel Stanislas GARCZYNSKI was born in Paris in 1957. As a French contemporary expressionist artist, member of La Maison Des Artistes, He was awarded the Artistic Consultant of China Horse Industry Association (CHIA) in the Great Hall of the People..

Jean Michel is not only known by his outstanding performance in artistic creation, but also in advertising design . In 2001, he won the Package Design Award, granted by the Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris. He has established a long-term cooperation on advertising creation and art design with numerous international luxury brands, such as L'Oreal de Paris , Guerlain , Hanae Mori , Van Cleef & Arpels , Nikon , etc. 

Art Design and exchanges and cooperation in the field of luxury brands have helped him to further expand his unique vision on artistic creation.


Art Critic

Jean Michel Garczynski started with design and publicity that gave him a larger vision of his art and enabled him to develop a critical direction of his own creations. 

Different matters will be used, but oil and acrylic are mainly used and occasionally, the golden leaf will enrich an artwork where clarity and light erupt.

We discover an abstract disposition; however, the artist offers us some figurative pictures, probably as a stylistic composition, and perhaps to escape from an imprisonment. According to the artworks: "l'orchestre" (orchestra) and "astre isolé" (isolated star), the figurative compositions are subjects of a singular attention: the artist rather excluding the lines, but showing a precise touch. Characters in the silhouette are successful and well presented in an abstract construction with shimmering colors.

The artist does not hesitate to force the shapes and to accentuate the illuminations by "energetic options".

The artwork: "la fureur du taureau" ("bull's rage") illustrates a sense of motion that is "well captured", the gesture is confident with the blazing color of the background giving a fiery image. The colors are warm : vermillion, purple, bright red and yellow are used in their various options and will constitute backgrounds or second plans of the first order and will be able to emphasize subjects in transparency or as suggested. 

The canvas seems to be created in exaltation by the hand in a preliminary choreographic thought, which expands on the canvas in a jubilatory action.

The mixed technique allows a lot of things; the artist knows he can make a profit by putting his indisputable knowledge in good use to pose the movements, to find good agreements, and to open with an original construction. We discover an expressionist abstraction where the artist makes visible even the repentance in the slightly similar way of De Kooning. 

Over the artworks, the artist preserves his subtle pleasure to combine tones with a lot of freedom, without making us stop moving.

The window remains open to the privileged moments of the imagination; the canvas reflects and reveals a world of contrasted perceptions.


Over the years, an artwork of quality has been built; we can find it in the darkness of the unconscious and of the dream, giving birth to shapes from light, symbolizing our existence and according to this view, the exercise is successful. 

Jules Saint-Aubin - Art Critic Cambridge Expertise.



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2011 up to now

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2013,“Sunflowers” has been awarded Cultural and Original Art Prize

rewarded by the 18th Guangzhou International Art Fair

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